William hill оскар 2016

Оскар — теперь подробно и с выводами. Оскар Журналисты всех победили. кино оскар. Андрей Загудаев | Поделиться: Подводим итоги й церемонии вручения по-прежнему главной кинонаграды мира. Теперь подробно и с выводами.

Ознакомиться с полным списком победителей можно. Каждый год, примерно за неделю до вручения «Оскаров», я с упоением слежу за одним и тем же процессом — бесконечными спорами людей вокруг и гаданием на кофейной гуще о том, кто победит на церемонии.

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Это очень забавно, потому что «Оскар» был и остается очень предсказуемой премией, которую по статистике можно легко, даже не сильно следя за премиал. На что можно поставить в премии «Оскар ». Самой распространенной ставкой премии «Оскар » является выбор победителя в номинации «лучший фильм года». «В центре внимания» — коэффициент ; B>«Игра на понижение» — коэффициент ; «Выживший» — коэффициент ; «Марсианин» — коэффициент ; «Безумный Макс: Дорога ярости» — коэффициент ; «Комната» — коэффициент ; «Шпионский мост» — коэффициент ; «Бруклин» — коэффициент Фаворитом у букмекеров считается фильм «В центре внимания».

На его победу букмекерская контора William Hill дает коэффициентчто еще. «Оскар»: полный список победителей. Первый «Оскар» Леонардо Ди Каприо, вторая подряд победа режиссера Алехандро Гонсалеса Иньярриту и торжество «Безумного Макса» на й церемонии вручения призов Киноакадемии.

Оскар Фавориты букмекерских контор, прогнозы экспертов William Hill

Алина Краснова редакция. Fb vk ok. Link. Тэги: Леонардо Ди Каприо.

Не томите же, победил ли Лео? Результаты кинопремии «Оскар» — Wylsacom

Cosmo обзор. Итак, на оскаре «Оскаре» в отличие от «БАФТЫ» и «Золотой Малины» букмекеры на BetCity дают очень маленькие коэфы на фаворитов, поэтому нет смысла давать прогнозы на лучшую мужскую роль — «Ди Каприо» (коэф ), лучший анимационый фильм -«Головоломка» (коэф ) или Лучший фильм на иностраном языке — «Сын Саула» (коэф. ). Поэтому я дам прогнозы на большие коэфы, где можно рискнуть и нормально поднять ништяки.

Итак, поехали. 1. Лучшая женская роль 2-го плана — Кейт Уинслет «Стив Джобс» коэф. 4 на BetCity.

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  1. Nicole Kidman is probably the most beautiful and classy woman who ever existed.

  2. Crikey, this passes as entertainment? I managed about three minutes of it. I should get a medal.

  3. Anyone knows who the person next to Meryl is? I feel like i know her from somewhere

  4. Jeffrey Epsteins best friend almost forgot her name. She is so funny!

  5. That person was just being sweet and helpful providing the elephant information. Why be so mean.

  6. I always thought Nicole Kidman was an Australian, but since she was born in Hawaii, she is an American. (Who was obviously raised in Australia, given her accent.)

  7. Not sure who is more covert…Nicky Kidman or the dumbass doing the interview. I just threw up.

  8. Me: Why is he saying any of this?
    Nicole Kidman, seconds later: This is awful. Why are you telling me this?
    Heavenly star

  9. At the end everyone is claping because of the death of an elephant lol

  10. She does not look Hawaian at all. She must have blonded her skin and had heavy surgery.

    • Or, or shes just a white hawaiian, its awfully common you know, not all indigenous people are people of color

  11. Some of us are proud the names are loved parents gave us and would Never even think of changing it

  12. Streep is such a schmuck critiquing her host in front of the camera and everyone in the room. She never surprises me.

  13. Good luck 《keeps the deadpan straight face》with your interview!😁😁

  14. Nicole Kidmans expression while listening to what happened to her elephant twin lol
    …this is awful, why are you telling me this?

  15. I think Ive contributed about 13 million of these views. Meryl is sooo funny!

    • omg you fool ..it is…in the context of this it is…get a grip…bet you dont get invited out being the cause of much instant depression…

  16. Technically Nicole is American seeing as she was born in Hawaii and its an American territory.

    • She is American technically, but was raised in Australia; but everybody knows that since day one

  17. If Nicole used her birthname the amount of people whod be confused — its such a beautiful name though.

  18. I went to the same high school and grew up in the same town as Meryl Streep. We don’t say it that way. 🙂

  19. Why does that finger-licking nobody sits on the same sofa with such amazing stars?!

  20. So why not tell us who the other folks are? Of course I know Colin Farrell.

  21. *video title*
    Me: oooorrrr I could just Google them…
    *Clicks on vid anyway to post this comment*

  22. 😹😹😹😹😹😹It’s so funny but why do I feel bad when they read Kalani died! RIP Kalani! But still, this video is funny!😂😂😂

  23. ive lived in Hawaii for 50 yrs and everyone here know the animals die left and right there

  24. Ihr müsst wirklich Gedächnistraining machen und dürft nicht wie die doofen Gänse lachen darüber! Sowas ist bald das Altersheim!

  25. I love the idea that MERYL STREEP is like… I dont want to make waves in the family….

  26. Plot twist. Meryl streep was actually replaced by a look a like and they panicked at the you werent always Meryl Streep question.

  27. Why was the elephant kept in a place where it was possible to fall to its death in the first place

    • NO,she has no boobs…or curves…Nigella has excess of these…cool blondes are kidmans forte..extravagant brunettes with dramatic love ilves and food ,need someone with the same attributes.

  28. Graham Norton has the ability to make the worlds biggest stars into normal human beings like the rest of us.

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  30. Nicole lived up to her name!
    You learn something every day in stage 4 quarantine in Australia🇦🇺
    Nicole’s so attractive and I love her quirky personality, very Aussie

  31. Meryl the best witch in the world..and the OSCAR goes to the other witch Nicole.. 🤤🤤

  32. Oh dear Graham mentioned The Hours in front of Meryl!!
    The film where Nicole got an Oscar and Meryl decided to phone in her performance…

  33. God..the amount of yellow laughts in this vid is unbelievable!

  34. Nicole Kidman was shocked at that email it was like someone killed her she was amazed

  35. I love how Kidmans Hawaiian name begins in such an ethereal light, but then ends up becoming darker and darker until the devastating finale.

  36. Maybe N. K satanist father had the thing sacrificed/killed in a black magick ritual to appease lucifer and give Nicole fame and fortune in return..and it worked..:/

  37. Nicole Kidman is still as cute as a button with her little kitten face.

  38. Graham Norton is always so negative. Anything for a joke, I guess. But I do think we should preserve and protect some things. He is like so many gays I know in the entertainment field; nothing is off limits.

  39. This was when Kidman still looked like Kidman (you know .. the look she had the longest). So cute here. She should have stopped there .. sigh

  40. The Hokulani story and the research that took is still one of the finest examples of why no other talk show compares to Graham Nortons. Pure brilliance. XOXO 😉

  41. … and Mary-Meryls daughter, Mary is Mamie

    Also, I know many people may not remember, but, there was a show way-back-when, The Patty Duke Show where the titular star played twin cousins named Patty and Cathy, so, perhaps that was why Meryl liked those names, too? Meryl was born in 49, and The Patty Duke show first aired in 63, so, shed have watched the show as a young teen.

  42. funny her parents named her after an elephant hmm. Good thing people didnt know about that as she was growing up and coming into her self as an actress. Especially nowadays with how people love to bash each other via social media.

  43. You know elephants are very intelligent and social animals so it surprises me that they can stoop to murder out of envy which is what that other elephant apparently did…. Go figure.

  44. 0:25 anyone who was stuggling with what Meryl was thinking of: I first had traditionalist, BUT when she cleared it up: conformist! Youre welcome ^^

  45. I’m sorry but Cary Mulligan sandwiched quietly between Meryl and Nicole still outshines them both — so classy

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