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Марафонбет Marathonbet.

marathonbet на ios есть или нет? Где скачать приложение?

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Marathon: скачать в app store вопреки блокировкам

Пожаловаться. Новое мобильное приложение от Marathonbet! БК Марафон Марафонбет Marathonbet Official, ссылки как обычно в сообшении придут при обращении в группе? 2. Нравится Показать список оценивших.

Софт БК Marathonbet для айфона (iOS) позволяет клиентам известной российской конторы с комфортом заключать пари на спорт, киберспорт, политические и культурные события со своего мобильного устройства от компании Apple. Функционально ПО упаковано так же, как основной сайт и приложение на Андроид.

‎App Store: БК Марафон — ставки на спорт

Есть две версии – русская и английская. Установка мобильного приложения на айфон от букмекерской конторы «МарафонБет». Какие отзывы и рекомендации дают профессиональные игроки? Стоит ли клиентам для букмекерской конторы Marathon скачать приложение на айфон?. В остальном интерфейс приложения Марафонбет для iOS ничем не отличается от того, что привыкли видеть пользователи букмекерской конторы Марафон.

Те же оттенки и разделы, что доступны на официальном портале букмекерской конторы. Чтобы пользование приложением было эффективным, потребуется доступ к интернету.

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  1. REASON APPLE DROP INTEL..AND NVIDIA AND NEXT AMD..is 30% fee…apple pays to its partners for every apple sells…good luck with AMD …apple dont like to pay 30% they rather make their parts on their owned without paying shit…while screwing its users with 30% idea that never was apple idea begin with..it was from partners idea for every hardware apple use

  2. Rene you mentioned in your video that Apple invests heavily in X-Code development, swift language, iOS frameworks, support and what not… do you have a ballpark figure for how much Apple spends on all of that?

    According to reports Apple App Store made USD 50 billion in 2019, which means that 30% of it went straight to Apple which is USD 15 billion (so you are telling me that it costs around USD 15 billion to maintain all of this?) So basically they made USD 15 billion on ideas, effort and work done by others, without even doing anything and spending a fraction of that cost towards maintaining the store. So basically what these stores do is, you come up with an amazing idea and then they will make money out of it. They have been leeching off on the brilliance of others for almost a decade now.

    I mean it would have been ok if they would distribute the devices for free, but they dont even do that, the iPhones are extremely over priced, dont believe me, go to GSMArena and compare the specs of the latest iPhone with an ASUS ROG phone, and see the hardware that they provide compared to Apple and the price differential.

    I used to have my own app development studio and I for one can tell you that the 30% amount is outrageously high, extremely monopolistic and exceptionally harmful for the growth of this industry. The Apples, the googles, the amazons are precisely why there has been no significant development in this industry.

    Some years ago Epic made its Unreal Engine free with just a royalty of 5% for developers and that too after they make their first USD 100,000, trust me it takes far more effort into maintaining a game engine than it does a retail store, and yet Epic can make shit tons of money with just 5% than how can you justify the 30% of Apple.

    Thanks to Epic the gaming industry has seen such an influx of amazing indie titles. What has apple done to contribute. I am sorry your video is very one sided biased and to a certain extent I might even say paid, and its funny to see how people can so easily fall for things without fact checking.

  3. I love side loading and do it any time I can on my iphone but apple revoke a them every few weeks

  4. You know who ELSE demands a cut of the action? The Gambino family. Like the mafia, Apple does it because they believe that theyre powerful enough to get away with it AND thats why antitrust is a thing.

  5. Great Video.
    Epic restricts access to their own store by third parties and bans transfers of VBucks and Fortnite Skins between customers and by Streamers/Fortnite Stars.
    Perhaps the Trump card will be Trumps ban on Tencent. Will Fortnite be required to sell their chinese division completely to Tencent and Tencent be required to sell their ownership share of Epic ?

  6. Epic didnt want to be a part of their scheme they said. Lets be honest. Apple is definitely a Scheming company.

  7. There are exceptions to buying digital items without Apple taking the 30% cut. For example, the Audible app now allows you to purchase audiobooks with credits if you are an Audible member. Credits cost money, and these money costing credits can be used to purchase audiobooks on the iPhone app. This used to not be allowed, but was enabled by Audible in the past year or so. Why? Because Audible is Amazon, and Amazon and Apple, who not too long ago were at loggerheads and blocked each others products on each others platforms, sat down and negotiated special deals for one another and now play nice. So Audible gets special consideration that other smaller developers dont get… because Amazon. (You can also manage your Prime membership within the Amazon iPhone app without Apple getting a cut. How many others can say this? And I wonder, does Apple open itself up to legal risk by making a special carve out for Amazon?)

  8. Forcing consumers to only install applications through a store front that the manufacturer controls is clearly an antitrust violation. I would expect Congress to take action against Apple to allow users to install software on their devices without being forced through the pig chute of the AppStore or face criminal prosecution in the near future.

    • Denny Hiu It is NOT anything like an automobile produced by any manufacturer. It’s a general purpose computer that happens to have a cellular radio as a peripheral device.

    • @Mark Teague No… It;s like a Tesla car. Sure you can build your own component independent from Tesla. But it will not receive Teslas certification and therefore will never be on Teslas showrooms.

      Its the same for Apple. You can develop an app for iOS, but to be available on AppStore, it needs permission from Apple, so its not a free market.

      Microsoft is a software developer. It develops Windows OS so that other app developer can install their app on. Its a free market, since there is no control whatsoever from Microsoft. In the 90s Microsoft were trying to push IE as the sole web browser in Windows. Since Windows supposed to be neutral, this is become an unfair monopoly for other web browsers in the market

      Since Apple owns the whole ecosystem (hardware to software) its their right to ban Fortnite if it violates their guidelines.

    • Denny Hiu It will be interesting to see whether or not the US Congress agrees with that perspective. In my mind, the hardware is one market. The system software is a second market. And, the application software is yet a third market. It’s exactly this type of behavior that landed Bill Gates and Microsoft in danger of antitrust prosecution during the late 90s. I would expect to see legal action by the justice department in the near future. It’s long past time for enforcement of the existing antitrust laws.

    • Android phones can have more app stores.
      So its not an antitrust violation. Epic can use another store if they want to, but Google PS is the largest store.

      Apple designs produces the hardware and software for their iPhone. Its their intellectual property, unlike android who needs another party to build their hardware.
      Since its designed by Apple, Apple.can do anything with their software.

  9. Those walled gardens is like a shopping mall. Break the rules and you get evicted. That 30% tax is like paying for a lease to for shoppers.

  10. Microsoft are friends with Epic. In 2014 Epic sold the Gears of War to Microsoft, and they kept the relationship strong.

  11. You can’t walk in Walmart and just setup your own mini store! You pay Walmart to be on their shelves.

  12. Both are wrong. Epic is hypocritical for blaming Apple for the 30% cut when other platforms have it while Apple has been anti consumer for YEARS.

    They just blocked Stadia and Xcloud on iPhones which is a shame. Its alright though. Even though most iOS users love how powerful the iPhone is, most of them stick to games like candy crush anyway.

  13. Why did amazon get a deal with apple for less than 30% when apple says they never do deals

  14. I’m pissed off because I can’t install the new season because of this bullshit

  15. Don’t buy Apple products and bring the Coronavirus to your family and house. Apple deserted the US workers and ran to children slave labor!

  16. Im somewhat conflicted here.

    On one side its googles store not epics…
    On the other side I dont like people taking huge cuts of anothers work and also dont like double standards.

    I think google should just let apps have their own payment systems.
    At the same time if an developer makes an app googles payment system would probably be easier and more secure to implement.

    Both is better then one or the other.

    Edit: also the issue of trust was brought up for some reason.
    If people trust Google Play or the Apple Store… they can use it all they want. They have made that decision.

  17. OMG, if EPIC want to get around this simply only allow the 20% discount when purchasing from their website, and instead of purchasing the in game cash electronically simply let people purchase a physical “VOUCHER” by using a URL within the APPS, this then gets sent to them in the mail AND gets emailed to them instantly. As they are now purchasing a physical voucher APPLE and GOOGLE cant complain about them allowing the purchase outside the App Stores… problem solved 🙂

  18. Imagine a mall being treated like a monopoly because it charges its tenants rent.

    • @Michael HG Yes I would be more satisfied with a model like that instead of absolutely livid as I am now. But it is still not an acceptable solution. We all should have the legal right to be able to modify any products we purchase in any way we choose otherwise it is not a purchase it is a rental. And Apple does everything they can to prevent this in software as well as hardware like stopping companies from reselling chips that can enable a $100 macbook pro repair from an electronic repair store instead of a full motherboard replacement for $600 at the Apple store. Apple is doing everything they can to make their products obsolete and prevent sustainable repairs to maximise profit. A hell of a lot of what they are doing is bad for everyone except Apple. Even lobbying at congress right now … today to prevent the repair bill from passing.

    • @John Smith Instead of people attacking Apple, (not saying you are), like the big bad wolf, I think it would be more beneficial to lobby that they make another pricing bracket for those small firms and independent developers to be able to earn more and grow their companies. One for the huge companies. One for the companies that want a better chance to be huge one day.

      It could be similar to the tax system we have here. You enter into that next tax bracket and the fees increase to the current level. Would you be more satisfied with that structure?

    • @John Smith
      I havent had an Apple phone as my primary mobile device since iPhone 6. For the last few years, Ive preferred Pixels. That may change. Depends on the technology advancements and user interface.

      I respect both you and Dominicks perspectives. I dont think either of you are wrong for defending Epic. I just also dont think that Apple is wrong; nor are the people defending Apple. That is the business model that works for Apple and they have a right to execute it. It doesnt seem predatory, considering how many people have used their platform to become rich.

      Where some see adversity, others see opportunity. You have clearly noted disapproval of the way Apples mobile business model is set up and how it makes it inconvenient for independent developers. Many people agree with you. Maybe thousands. Maybe millions. Maybe more. Someone out there will seize this opportunity and work to create something that targets the market of disgruntled or discouraged developers. Maybe it will be you. Maybe it will be Epic/Tencent. Maybe it will be Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus or Xiaomi. As far as current mobile marketshare, that can change. Innovation and influence can shift anything. If it is going to be one of those Chinese companies that leads the way, I guess we need Mr. Trump to rescind or modify that Executive Order for the sake of progress.

    • ​@Michael HG 1) Epic gives 100 million grants to open source developers every year. This benefits the whole community and Epic even donates to direct competitors like the solo developer making the Godot game engine. Thanks Tim Sweeney for being such a super stand up guy.

      2) Epic charges 0% from indie game developers that use the Unreal engine up to 1 million dollars. And they charge 12% for everyone else. This is what we need and is a fucking fair business model.

      3) Apple and Google combined have 70%+ of the mobile market share. If that is not a monopoly could you tell me where you draw the line? Is it 40% share between two companies or perhaps a 51% share in one company?

      4) The fact that you are happy for Apple to tell you what you can install on hardware that YOU own is just disappointing. Apple should without a doubt be forced to allow other app stores to be able to operate on their hardware and let the consumers decide. This closed ecosystem or walled garden is abysmal for the progress of technology but great for Apple and its shareholders that want to add more to their pot. Edit — Oh and in case anyone wants to try and hit me with the oh apple provides development tools then just stop ok. We can easily run apps using WebKit that can access all the device features like accelerator or camera and pretty soon we will be using webassembly to compile c++ code or python or whatever else we want into code that can run in a browser so if the market was opened up developers like myself would find a way to do it and we would have some amazing tech wins for everyone. All Apple and to a slightly lesser extent Google is doing is holding us back. — /Edit

      5) Apple is valued at 2 trillion dollars (Laughs heartily, yeah right), so saying Apple needs the cash for development costs is absurd

      6) There is plenty of examples of malware on iOS so the stance of Apple being more secure is a false dichotomy.

      7) As an app developer I know what the hosting costs are for my 20mb app to be downloaded 20 million times and I can assure you that Apples 30% cut is at least 4 times that price. The $100 a year alone that Apple charges would easily cover 60 000 users for instance. I would even be happy to arrange my own hosting for apps as that would help to create competition and be great for innovation.

      The only people that this stance of yours benefits is Apple and yet here you are legs astride holding on firm and supporting this monopoly. I weep for the present situation we are in, let alone the dystopian future where a few shareholders will make all decisions on everything from the 60 foods we can eat to the cars we drive and all our technology. Truly I worry about the future my kids will inherit with complicit people like yourself defending horrendous companies like Apple that only care about their yearly profit earnings. Dont get me started on the US government buying up Apple bonds then Apple buying them back again to inflate the share prices. Smart move there boys.

    • Because of the App Store, Epic has been able to get Fortnite and other apps into the hands of millions at NO COST, as Apple charges nothing upfront to distribute apps that are free to download. This exposure has earned Epic hundreds of millions of dollars from sales of in-app content, and brought with it lucrative brand partnerships and paid product placement.

      — Douglass Vetter, VP and Associate General Counsel at Apple

  19. It slowly sucks that the US owns all operating systems and all social networks, they do anything they want.
    Cant wait for Huawei to ship their phones with their harmony os. I dont give a shit if they spy on us. I mean we are already used to that.

  20. When you sideload on Android, you dont have to look for the setting, the OS gives you the option to allow it at time of install. Epic failed because there installer on Android (which is still available) would allow malware and the ability for them to install what they wanted when they wanted in the background with no user notification. What followed was a ton of bad press about it and a large reduction in installs.
    If Apple had to allow other payment processors all that would happen is most companies would offer the game for free with an IAP to unlock it that they processed. What would be the point of the store if they never took any money. Its like Apple said, Epic wants to setup shop on the devices and eco systems both Apple and Google setup, for free and not give them a single penny. No-one doeses thet, not even ebay or Amazon…. not even Epic themselves on their own Epic Store, the percentage is lower, but they still take a cut.

  21. You are wrong about Fortnite upsells. You can become a champion without buying a single perk on fortnite. Thats why its not pay to win.

  22. Imagine playing Fornite and calling it The Best Game Ever
    this meme is made by the Minecraft Gang

    • Phantom Cat no one in their right mind would call fortnite the best game ever. I like it, but it’s not the best. My boy wolfenstein gets that credit. 😉

  23. It just a ploy to get the epic store on mobile phone as well as there own store

  24. Not to sound like an Tramp Supporter, but they kicked Fortnite off faster than ever, but has yet to kicked Tik-Tok 🥺

  25. Apple is right, Epic is right.
    Epic should ditch Apple and thats it.

    For example when Apple killed Flash, Adobe should cut the creative suite for MAC…

    Flash was to advanced for that phones… HTML5 was at that level of phones… Show me an old phone which run latest HTML5 features like real-time protocol, sockets and complicated stuff

  26. wait so they lowered the cost of vbucks on mobiles? LMAO how much are they charging on the epic store where they get 100% of the money. their video and this price reduction is nothing more than a way to weaponize their user base against apple and google.

  27. This is what happens when businesses fight.
    I agree with epic, the percentage take is too high, but they also need something, upkeep for development on the stores costs money, people need paying to support families.
    Epic will make a fortune from this, its a PR stunt so they look like the white knight, its BS.
    Epic is becoming greedy, but hiding it behind we are helping the little man.

  28. Gotta love Apple taking 30% from CHARITIES. Its the take that keeps on taking.

  29. App Store is too monopolistic, I hope the courts allow more competition in iOS environment, better for the consumer.

  30. This entire issue is a Trojan horse to allow chinese spyware into phones without government security oversight.

    • @TheNerdGamer great I hope it helped open anybodys eyes a little about Apples shady business practices as there are many more i did not cover. Oh and Apple forces you to buy a recent Apple mac to be able to compile any app for their store. So thats another $800+ I have to spend to be able to effectively work on apps for Apple. All of these costs are being absobed by the developer or the customer while apple makes its way to trillions.

    • ​@TheNerdGamer ​ I know you never said apple was the greedy one. You said Epic, just stop being so greedy. Sure , Epic made a lot of cash last year I get that. But as a developer I will side with them because they have a great ethical track record so far and they are trying to make my life a little easier. Apple charges $100 a year for hosting any app on their app store. This is enough to pay for 60 000 downloads. So them taking an additional 30% cut IS GREEDY .
      Yet Apple made 13 billion in profit last year and Apple paid an additional 34 billion to shareholders in the company. To say that Epic is greedy is seriously wrong. Epic just like every single other developer out there has been held hostage by this 30% forced cut that Apple demands for over a decade now. I dont want to pay Apple 30% of anything I build it is unreasonable. 15% would be pretty fair as there are costs involved to store the app but even then Apple would be making some serious cash.

      You also do not see windows telling developers what they can and cannot install on that operating system or Linux for that matter. Because in the 90s microsoft was sued into the dirt for being a monopoly and using the EXACT SAME tactics that Apple is curently doing by forcing software on users and blocking others. If you own an iPhone or iPad then Apple tells you what you can and cannot install on your phone. This is madness. And there is absolutely no reason at all for it. We can compile code into a huge range of different formats and we do not need Apples proprietary xcode development garbage to make applications that run on a cpu/gpu.

    • @John Smith Its cool that Epic Games gives out money, but they make enough money I think. They made 1.8 billion dollars in 2019 from fortnite alone. Im not saying that theyre wrong though. Also, I never said that Apple was the greedy one

    • As an indie game developer I have to give Apple 30% then my government 22% then I have expenses and development costs which for a decent game or app is really a minimum of 1 year of full time development. And then I see Epic is finally doing something to help developers like me and I log onto youtube and read comments like yours and I just cannot understand why you think Epic is the greedy one when Epic charges 0% — 12% cut and gives away 100 million a year in grants to struggling developers like me which helps out the development community massively. Its just sad that you would choose to side with Apple man. Really sad.

  31. 10:45 — As a game and app developer … Apple can fuck off. I am lucky if I get 40% of the profit after paying Apple 30% plus royalties and my governments taxes. There is absolutely no reason at all for Apple to charge that blanket amount not even hosting costs can account for it. Apple is also basically saying to their customers we own your hardware. You CANNOT install any app from any other competitor stores on iOS because Apple says YOU cant with YOUR hardware. So do you own the hardware or not? We would NEVER allow this on windows or Linux … why do the apple fans put up with this crap? I mean just 4 years ago I had to pay APPLE $100 for a developer key to install an app that I built on MY FUCKING iPhone. Its absolutely batshit crazy how people buy into this crap especially web developers I have noticed. Apple used to sort of be the good guy underdog but that time is LONG gone. Now they are a monopoly and they need to be told to STFU and open up that ecosystem as do Android to a far lesser extent and XBOX and SONY. Fuck em all. Doing that would be good for developer and dam good for customers too unless you enjoy that $60 cost for games in which case just carry on as you were.

  32. Epic is the one who broke the rules they agreed to they’re on their own. I’ll always be on Apples and Googles side until the innovation on both ends dries up because until then they are fighting each other and there is no monopoly

  33. I personally with the whole point of epic trying to get banned from the Apple and google stores was to get a better cut of the profits. It is unlikely epic will be successful because fortnight makes most of its money selling cosmetics items which are of little real value and despite the money that fortnight might bring in they are often better of not having the game rather then take a cut it profits which would likely end up effecting all other games with in app purchases.

  34. i threw a big hammer into my epic-account… rest in … everything…

  35. This is the world Sweeney wants: close all supermarkets and open dozens of stores: the hamburger store, the soda pop store, the veggie store, etc. stupid, grandiose, greedy. The fact that they pay the same fee to all the other platforms would seem deadly to their suit. Epic is creepy. All the money has addled his brain.

  36. I wonder if this is all just an attempt by Epic to change things before a new level of technology and game play made possible by AR, 5g, wearable controls by Apple can become a reality and thus further lock in a hold on the high end personal computing ecosystem. That few others have invested the time, $ and strategic development that Apple has till now or will going forward.
    Epic may be able to claim that current iteration and development has ceased to provide sufficient differentiation to merit 30% but how happy do you think they would be to win this lawsuit just before the new wave of personal computing is defined by Apple. Setting a precedent for greater independence just before a newer way to game and compute is introduced by Apple.
    Given how close Augmented reality is in principle to game overlays I would guess that this is the primary reason why both parties want clearly defined rules. All sorts of ar apps could be a new arena for epic. With a platform developed and promoted by a multi trillion dollar company.

  37. What if Microsoft locked down their os so that no third party softwares can be installed except from windows store?? This is what Apple has been doing. I hope epic wins this as it will open up possibly of alternative app stores on IOS just like android.

  38. Android users dont think like Apple cult members, no one give a shit to Google saying bla bla bla is insecure and we know what to do with our phone.

  39. So in summary then, what you are saying here is that EPIC wants to have an app where they can resell games made with the UNREAL ENGINE and without having to pay APPLE or GOOGLE as well, but they want to use APPLE and GOOGLES platform to popularise this APP STORE first without paying the 30%. I say nuts to that, they should pay the 30% initially and build their APP STORE, then once it is big enough, claim to APPLE and GOOGLE that they should be exempt from the 30% because their APP STORE has become so big. In addition, as for the technical aspects, they should launch all apps from their APP STORE inside their APP STORE app.

  40. 10:20: But Fortnite pays for the artist that made the skins, But I agree with you!

  41. This is really great content Rene, youve become my favourite creator in recent weeks 🙂

  42. Ar first I thought epic was the victim but looking at this it explains this situation better and I could see the truth, and it seems like epic is making a huge deal about apple and its app store tax, but in reality its epic wanting to gain even more and making its own app store more available, but whats the big deal? Theres no positive or negative impact for users, except for iPhone users and mobile gamers.

  43. What surprises me most is how this guy always licks the rich butt of apple no matter where and when.

  44. Makes sense for apple

    But Google allows 3rd party stores.
    Heck a samsung appstore is in my phone right now

  45. This is a great review….glad you threw out the psyops their using on the customers

  46. Epic are acting like greedy little babies. Apple is allowing them access to millions and millions of customers that Sony Nintendo and Xbox don’t even come close to. And they’re gonna cry about Apple taking the exact same percentage?

  47. I wonder if this is going to affect future of mobile gaming and mobile apps like X cloud and maybe in the future even PlayStation now. (Game streaming). how are these companies going to partner together without compromises. If epic is doing this now I wonder how the rest of the gaming industry is looking at mobile gaming. Right now we’re on the verge of gaming becoming way better with the streaming services, revolutionary. I wonder what’s going to happen.

  48. Hi Rene, As an Indian I think everyone should have choose whatever they like . But If Big Vendors Like Apple & Google is going to block any app as they like . I think that is cheating with consumers. As an Android I find side loading an App quite useful & if Google is going to block this feature in future . Then I think we need different Operating System for mobile platform which would be open source.

  49. can someone explain it like im 5, my homework is based on a lawsuit between a video game company and a massive tech giant running the modern age

  50. Epic games which makes billions in pure profit every year, and is almost 50% owned by china, a country who censors its internet and everything its people have access to and uses protectionist policies to expand its global dominace on everthing, is crying about making more money from apple while people are out of work in the worst times we have ever seen. Yea, my tears are multipling for you Epic…..NOT

  51. It can be shown that Apple is much greedier than Google if you look at Amazon products in both of these companys stores. I both stores Amazon is able to sell their products in the Amazon app without giving a cut to apple. However, unlike in the Google Play store, you cannot buy books using the iOS Kindle app. Presumably this is to prevent Apple from taking 30% of the payment for each Kindle book. It is outrageous that you need to use the Amazon app on an iPhone to buy a Kindle book and can not simply buy a book whilst you are still in the Kindle app as would be possible on any other platform.

  52. Either way epic is wrong and I and many others I know will no longer use fortnite or unreal engine. This whole situation made me hate epic with passion as they use their customers and developers as bargaining chips and leverage. Apple helped create them not the other way around. You can not use someone’s product and refuse to pay them for it because you think you are special. Epic are assholes and deserve to be blocked and bankrupt.

  53. Just FYI, its not CRA-vath. Its cra-VATH. And just to confirm, the ath is pronounced ath like apple, not ahth like ought

  54. that’s so annoying, I spend 6 pound on mobile now I can’t even get it back. Fuck Tim Sweeny

  55. Aftermath: others than Apple and Google will also start charging developers including Epic 😂
    I believe Sweeney will go into history books of stupidest CEO decisions

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